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Adjunct faculty

Name Title Extension E-mail Education Expertise Link
Yu-Chia Chung Professor (retiree) 5140 Email Ph. D. (1971), University of California, San Diego Oceanography; Marine geochemistry; Radiogeochemistry  
Hin-Kiu Mok Professor (retiree) / Email Ph.D. (1978), City University of New York Fish systematics; Animal behavior; Animal bioacoustics Research Gate
Chen-Tung Arthur Chen Professor (retiree) 5136 Email Ph. D. (1977) in Chemical Oceanography, U of Miami Marine chemistry; Environmental pollution; Hydrochemistry; Global change Personal website
Houng-Yung Chen Professor (retiree) 5105 Email Ph.D. (1983), Texas A&M University Crustacean and fish nutrition; Biochemistry of oceanic plankton & trophodynamics Personal webpage
Yuh-Ling Lee Chen Professor (retiree) 5105 Email Ph.D. (1983), Texas A&M University Phytoplankton; New production in the ocean; Marine nitrogen fixation; Primary production in the ocean; Aquatic ecology Research Gate
I-Huan Lee Assistant researcher 5354、5355 Email Ph.D. (2003), National Taiwan University Physical oceanography; Data processing and analysis; Field experimentation on land and sea; Numerical modeling Research Gate
Shu-Juan Wu Lecturer 5305 Email National Taiwan University Biostatistics; Marine ecology