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Jointly appointed faculty





Jau-Ming Chen


Ph.D. (1995), Iowa State University

Marine meteorology; maritime information analysis; air-sea interaction; climate change; Taiwan rainfall analysis

Jung-Fu Huang


Ph.D. (1993), National Taiwan Ocean University

Marine biology; marine ecology

Kuo-hsun Chiu


Ph.D. (2008), National Sun Yat-sen University

Proteomics; metabolomics; comparative physiology; application of feed organisms

Hsing-Juh Lin


Ph. D. (1995), University of Rhode Island

System ecology; wetland ecology; stream ecology; ecological models

Yung-Yen Shih

Associate professor

Ph.D. (2015), National Sun Yat-sen University

Marine biogeochemistry; marine chemistry

Chih-Wei Chang

Associate professor

Ph.D. (2003), National Taiwan University

Ichthyology ; fish biology; otolithology

Jian-Ming Liau

Associate professor

Ph.D. (2001), National Cheng-Kung University

Marine engineering; computational fluid dynamics; numerical models; high-speed calculations

Jian-Wu Lai

Associate professor

Ph.D. (2009), National Cheng Kung University

River and sea field survey; coastal process; coastal development, preservation, restoration, and disaster prevention; tidal wave observation and analysis, physical oceanography experiments

Chieh-Wei Hsu

Assistant professor

Ph.D. (2019), University of Bremen

Marine geology; sediment geochemistry; marine hydrocarbon seepage systems

Jain-Jhih Chen

Assistant professor

Ph.D. (2021), Southern Cross University

Marine biogeochemical cycle; greenhouse gas quantification; nitrogen cycle; nearshore blue carbon ecosystem

Bo-Shian Wang

Assistant professor

Ph.D. (2011), National Cheng Kung University

Isotope geochemistry; marine trace element biogeochemistry; method development for mass spectrometric analysis