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Te-Yu Liao, Professor

(Ph.D., Stockholm University)



Telephone:+886-7-5252000 ext. 5107

Research interestsFish Systematics, Phylogeny, Population Genetics and Ecology

近年來主持之研究計畫 (Recent Research Projects)

1.  獨流溪棲地評估與生態復育指標研究-以東北角三條溪流為例(1/4) 110-2321-B-110-001-

2.  開放海域中魚類環境DNA之水平分布 110-2611-M-110-013-

3.  海洋中魚類環境DNA之垂直分佈(Ⅱ):同步採樣點間之比較 109-2611-M-110-005-

4.  海洋中魚類環境DNA之垂直分佈 108-2611-M-110-004-

5.  南中國海線鰻鯰(Plotosus lineatus)之族群遺傳結構與鯰球組成個體之血緣分析106-2611-M-110 -008-

6.  菲律賓海域魚類之生命條碼與遺傳多樣性研究—基因庫建立以供永續漁業之參考106-2923-B-110 -002 -MY3

7.  越南海域生態與經濟重要性魚類之遺傳多樣性研究—建立當地基因庫與提供永續漁業之參考105-2923-B-110 -001 -MY3

Selected recent publications :

Peer review papers; *=corresponding author.

  1. Balisco*, Rodulf A. T., Victor S. Ticzon, Badi R. Samaniego, Benjamin J. Gonzales, Wen-Chien Huang, Te-Yu Liao. Accepted. Marine fishes of Palawan, Philippines: species diversity, new records, and conservation status. Regional Studies in Marine Science.
  2. Huang, Wen-Chien, Hong-Ming Chen, Yung-Che Tseng, T.Y. Liao*. 2022. Assessing phenovariant species pairs of moray eels: hybridization, introgression, and morphology. Zoologica Scripta51: 676-694.
  3. Wei, Jiehong, M.Y. Liu, F. Li, J. Yang, J.C. Shiao, Y. Iizuka, B. Kang, T.Y. Liao*. 2022. In preparation. Currents shaped the lineage distributions of Tridentiger barbatus along the Chinese coast. Frontiers in Marine Science, 9: 923439.
  4. Chou, Tak-Kei, Te-Yu Liao*. 2022. A new species of Parascorpaena Bleeker 1876 (Teleostei: Scorpaenidae) from Taiwan. Zoological Studies, 61: 09. (SCI)
  5. Li, Fan*, Te-Yu Liao, Jörg Bohlen, Zhi-Xin Shen, Liang-Jie Zhao & Shan Li. 2022. Two new species of Tanichthys (Teleostei: Cypriniformes) from China. Journal of Vertebrate Zoology, 71: 21067. (SCI)
  6. Lee, Chien-I, Feng-Yu Wang, Min-Yun Liu, Tak-Kei Chou, Te-Yu Liao*. 2021. DNA metabarcoding for dietary analysis of Holland’s carp (Spinibarbus hollandi) to evaluate the threat to native fishes in Taiwan. Journal of Fish Biology, 99: 1668–1676. (SCI)
  7. Huang*, Wen-Chien, David G. Smith, Kar-Hoe Loh, Te-Yu Liao. 2021. Two new moray eels of genera Diaphenchelys and Gymnothorax (Anguilliformes: Muraenidae) from Taiwan and the Philippines. Zoological Studies, 60: 24. (SCI)
  8. Jhuang, W.C., K.H. Chiu, Te-Yu Liao*. 2021. Early morphological development of Erromyzon kalotaenia (Teleostei: Gastromyzontidae). Ichthyological Research, 68: 303-311. (SCI)
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  10. Huang, W.C., A. Mohapatra, T.T. Pham, H.M. Chen, Te-Yu Liao*. 2020. A review of the genus Strophidon (Anguilliformes: Muraenidae), with description of a new species. Journal of Fish Biology, 97: 1462-1480. (SCI)
  11. Liao, Te-Yu, Wen-Chien Huang, Yoshiyuki Iizuka, Ming-Tai Chou, Jen-Chieh Shiao*. 2020. Facultative amphidromy and pelagic larval duration plasticity of Rhinogobius formosanus (Teleostei: Gobioidei). Zookeys, 951: 91-107. (SCI)
  12. Li, F., R. Arai, Te-Yu Liao*. 2020. Rhodeus flaviventris, a new bitterling (Teleostei: Cyprinidae: Acheilognathinae) from China. Zootaxa, 4790 (2): 329-340. (SCI)
  13. Huang, Han-Ting, Chia-Ning Pao, Te-Yu Liao*, Li-Lian Liu*. 2020. Low genetic diversity of cultivated spotted hard clam (Meretrix petechialis) in Taiwan. Aquaculture Research, 51: 2962-2972. (SCI)
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  16. Li, Fan*, Te-Yu Liao and Ryoichi Arai. 2020. Two new species of Rhodeus (Teleostei: Cyprinidae: Acheilognathinae) from the Yangtze River, China. Journal of Vertebrate Biology, 69: 19055. (SCI)
  17. Shyama Sundari Devi Chanthran, Phaik-Eem Lim, Yuan Li, Te-Yu Liao, Sze-Wan Poong, Jianguo Du, Muhammad Ali Syed Hussein, Richard Rumpet, Kar-Hoe Loh. 2020. Genetic diversity and population structure of Terapon jarbua (Forskål, 1775) (Teleostei, Terapontidae) in Malaysian waters. Zookeys, 911: 139-160.  (SCI)
  18. Pham The Thu, Wen-Chien Huang, Tak-Kei Chou, Nguyen Van Quan, Pham Van Chien, Fan Li, Kwang-Tsao Shao, Te-Yu Liao*. 2019. DNA barcoding of coastal ray-finned fishes in Vietnam. PLOS ONE, 14 (9):e0222631. (SCI)
  19. Huang, Wen-Chien, Hong-Ming Chen* & Te-Yu Liao*. 2019.  Revalidation of a moray eel, Gymnothorax mucifer Snyder, 1904 (Teleostei: Anguilliformes: Muraenidae), with a revised distribution. Zootaxa, 4559:151-165. (SCI)
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