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Li-Lian LIU

Li-Lian Liu, Professor

 (Ph.D., Louisiana State University)



Telephone886-7-5252000 ext. 5108

ExpertiseBiology of aquatic molluscs,  Coastal ecology,  Marine pollution

Research interestsBiology of marine snails and clams, Impacts of anthropogenic pollution on aquatic organisms

Selected publications :

1.   劉莉蓮,康惇茹,郭孟穎,張水鍇 (2022) 小琉球潮間帶底棲生物資源解說手冊。屏東縣政府出版。96pp. https://liuchiu-intertidal.tw/index.php?inter=ecosystem

2.   Po-Wei Su, Gwo-Liang Zhang*, Bonien Chen, Keryea Soong, Li-Lian Liu* (2021) Reproduction and early juvenile growth of the giant clams Tridacna noae and Tridacna maxima in Taiwan. Zoological Studies 60:49. doi:10.6620/ZS.2021.60-49.

3.   Jing-Ying Wu, Siou-Yan Lin, Shao-Hung Peng, Jia-Jang Hung, Chen-Tung Arthur Chen, and Li-Lian Liu* (2021) Isotopic niche differentiation in benthic consumers from shallow-water hydrothermal vents and nearby non-vent rocky reefs off Taiwan. Progress in Oceanography, 195:102596.

4.   Liu, Li-Lian, Chen-Yun Hsieh, Meng-Ying Kuo, Chienhsun Chen, Yen-Hong Shau, Hon-Kit Lui, Chung-Shin Yuan and Chen-Tung Arthur Chen* (2020) Evidence for fossil fuel PM1 accumulation in marine biota. Environmental Science & Technology, 54:4068-4078 (https://dx.doi.org/10.1021/acs.est.9b06976 )

5.   Huang, H.T., D.N. Pao, T.Y. Liao*, L.L. Liu* (2020) Low genetic diversity of cultivated spotted hard clam (Meretrix petechialis) in Taiwan. Aquaculture Research, 51:2962–2972. https://doi.org/10.1111/are.14634

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