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Ruo-Shan Tseng

EducationResearch AreaSelected Publications

Ruo-Shan Tseng, Professor


Office phone:07-5252000 #5033

Lab:Ocean Turbulance Lab




Research Area

Air-sea interactions ,mixing and turbulent diffusion,oceanic remote sensing


Selected Publications

1. Yu-Chia Chang*, Peter C. Chu, Luca Centurioni, Ruo-Shan Tseng (2014, Jul). Observed near-surface currents under four super typhoons. Journal of Marine Systems, 139, 311-319.
2. Chang, Y.-C., R.-S. Tseng*, G.-Y. Chen, P. C. Chu, and Y.-T. Shen, 2013, Ship Routing Utilizing Strong Ocean Currents,Journal of Navigation, 60, doi:10.1017/ S0373463313000441.
3. Chang, Y.-C., G.-Y. Chen, R.-S. Tseng, L. R. Centurioni, and P. C. Chu, 2013, Observed near-surface flows under all tropical cyclone intensity levels using drifters in the northwestern Pacific, Journal of Geophysical Research, 118, 1-11, doi:10.1002/jgrc.20187.
4. Ruo-Shan Tseng*, Huan-Jie Shao, Yu-Chia Chang and Luca Centurioni, 2012, Turbulent Mixing of the Kuroshio Waters Southeast of Taiwan, Kuroshio Science, 6-1, 27-34.
5. Y.-C. Chang,G.-Y. Chen*,R.-S. Tseng,L. R. Centurioni, and Peter C. Chu, 2012, Observed near-surface currents under high wind speeds,JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH, VOL. 117, C11026 (SCI).
6. Chang, Y.-C., Chen, G.-Y.*, Tseng, Ruo-Shan, and P. C. Chu, 2012, Effect of Cylindrically Shaped Atoll on Westward-Propagating Anticyclonic Eddy-A Case Study. IEEE GEOSCIENCE AND REMOTE SENSING LETTERS, VOL.9P.43-P.46.
7. Daniel L., Rudnick, Jan, S., Centurioni, L., LEE, C.-M., Lien, R.-C., Wang, J., Lee D.-K., Tseng, Ruo-Shan, Kim, Y.-Y. and C.-S. Chern, 2011, Seasonal and Mesocale Variability of the Kuroshio Near Its Origin,Oceanography, 24, 50-61 (SCI).
8. Chang, Y.-C., Chen, G.-Y.*, Tseng, Ruo-Shan, and P. C. Chu, 2011, Effect of Cylindrically-shaped atoll on westward propagating anticyclonic eddy – a case study, IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, 9, 43-46.(SCI).
9. Chen, G.-Y., Su, F.-C.*, Wang, C.-M., Liu, C.-T. and Tseng, R.-S., 2011, Derivation of internal solitary wave amplitude in the South China Sea deep basin from satellite images, J. Oceanography, 67, 689-697. (SCI)
10. Su, F.-C., Tseng, Ruo-Shan, Ho, C.-R. and Zheng, Q. 2010. Detecting surface Kuroshio front in the Luzon Strait from multi-channel satellite data using neural networks. IEEE GEOSCIENCE AND REMOTE SENSING LETTERS, VOL. 7, NO. 4, OCTOBER 2010 (SCI)
11. Chang, Y.-C., Tseng, Ruo-Shan, Centurioni, L. R., and D.-S. Ko, 2010 Typhoon-induced strong surface flows in the Taiwan Strait and Pacific. Journal of Oceanography, . (SCI)


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