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廖德裕 副教授



廖德裕(Te-Yu Liao)副教授


電話:07-5252000 轉5107




Ph.D., Stockholm University, Sweden (2010)

  • 國立中山大學海洋科學系副教授(2015/8起)
  • 國立中山大學海洋科學系助理教授(2013/8起)
  • 國立中山大學海洋生物研究所助理教授(2012/8起)
  • Axelrod Postdoctoral Fellow, American Museum of Natural History (2011/08-2012/08)
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica(1971-72)








1. 南中國海花身鯻(Terapon jarbua)之族群遺傳結構與洋流的關係 MOST 104-2611-M-110-004
2. 東亞五種蝦虎(Teleostei, Gobiidae)之族群遺傳結構與洋流的關係 MOST 103-2611-M-110-007
3. 月魚目魚類之分子親源關係(Teleostei: Lampriformes)併粗鰭魚屬系統分類研究(Trachipteridae: Trachipterus) NSC 102-2621-B-110-001



1. Chang-En Chou*, Te-Yu Liao*, Hsueh-Wen Chang, Shui-Kai Chang (*=equal contribution) (2014, Dec). Population structure of Hirundichthys oxycephalus in the north-western Pacific inferred from mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase I genes. Zoological Studies. (Accepted). (SCI, 76/153, Zoology). 本人為第一作者
2. Te-Yu Liao, Heok Hui Tan (2014, Mar). Brevibora exilis, a new rasborin fish from Borneo (Teleosteu: Cyprinidae). Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters, 24: 209-215. (SCI, 22/153, Zoology). 本人為第一作者.
3. Te-Yu Liao*, Sven Kullander (2013, Jan). Phylogenetic significance of the kinethmoid-associated Y-shaped ligament and long intercostal ligaments in the Cypriniformes (Actinopterygii: Ostariophysi). Zoologica Scripta, 42: 71-87. (SCI, 10/153, Zoology).
4. Te-Yu Liao, Jairo Arroyave, Melanie Stiassny (2012, Nov). Diagnosis of Asian Raiamas (Teleostei: Cyprinidae: Chedrina) with comments on chedrin relationships and previously proposed diagnostics for Opsaridium and Raiamas.. Ichthyological Research, 59: 328-341. (SCI, 79/153, Zoology).
5. Jin-Quan Yang, Wen-Qiao Tang, Te-Yu Liao, Yang Sun, Zhuo-Cheng Zhou, Chiao-Chuan Han, Dong Liu, Hung-Du Lin (2012). Phylogeographical analysis on Squalidus argentatus recapitulates historical landscapes and drainage evolution on the island of Taiwan and Mainland China.. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 13: 1405-1425.. (SCI, 52/148, Multidisplinary).
6. Te-Yu Liao, Heok Hui Tan (2011). Brevibora cheeeya, a new species of cyprinid fish from Malay Peninsula and Sumatra. Raffles Bulletin of Zoology, 59: 75-80.. (SCI, 83/153, Zoology).
7. Te-Yu Liao, Sven Kullander, Erhan Unlu (2011). The western boundary of the Danioninae in Asia (Teleostei, Cyprinidae): inferred from the systematic position of Barilius mesopotamicus based on molecular and morphological data. Zootaxa, 2880: 31-40.. (SCI, 73/153, Zoology).
8. Te-Yu Liao, Sven Kullander, Fang Fang (2011). Phylogenetic position of rasborin cyprinids and monophyly of major lineages among the Danioninae, based on morphological characters (Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae). Journal of Systematic Zoology and Evolutionary Research, 49: 224-232.. (SCI, 29/153, Zoology).
9. Te-Yu Liao, Sven Kullander, Hong-Du Lin (2011). Synonymization of Pararasbora,Yaoshanicus, and Nicholsicypris with Aphyocypris, and description of a new species ofAphyocypris from Taiwan (Teleostei: Cyprinidae). Zoological Studies, 50: 657-664.. (SCI, 76/153, Zoology).
10. PK Pramod, Fang Fang, K Rema Devi, Te-Yu Liao, TJ Indra, KS Jameela Beevi, Sven Kullander (2010). Betadevario ramachandrani, a new danionine genus and species from the Western Ghats of India (Teleostei: Cyprinidae: Danioninae). Zootaxa, 2519: 31-47.. (SCI, 73/153, Zoology).
11. Te-Yu Liao, Sven Kullander, Fang Fang (2010). Phylogenetic analysis of the genus Rasbora (Teleostei: Cyprinidae). Zoologica Scripta, 39: 155-176.. (SCI, 10/153, Zoology).


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