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Li-Lian Liu



EducationResearch AreaSelected Publications


Li-Lian Liu, Professor


Office phone:07-5252000 #5108



Ph.D. (1990), LouisianaStateUniversity, Baton Rouge



Research Area

Marine Molluscus Physiology and Ecology, Population Genetics,Organotin Pollution


Selected Publications

1. Borsa, P.*, C. Fauvelot, S. Andrefouet, T. T. Chai, H. Kubo, L.L. Liu (2015, Oct). On the validity of Noah’s giant clam Tridacna noae (Roding, 1798) and its synonymy with Ningaloo giant clam Tridacna ningaloo Penny & Willan, 2014.  The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 63:484-489.
2. Chao-Yang Kuo, Tung-Yung Fan, Hsing-Hui Li, Chia-Wei Lin, Li-Lian Liu, Fu-Wen Kuo (2015, Sep). An unusual bloom of the tunicate, Pyrosoma atlanticum, in southern Taiwan. Bulletin of Marine Science, DOI:
3. Chen, Y. J., J. Y. Wu, C. T. A. Chen, and L. L. Liu* (2015, Jul). Effects of low Ph stress on shell traits of the dove snail, Anachis misera, inhabiting shallow vent environments off Kueishan Islet, Taiwan. Biogeosciences, 12: 2631-2639. NSC 99-2321-B-110-006.
4. Y. Su, J.H. Hung, L.L. Liu* (2014, Aug). Review of giant clams (Mollusca, Bivalvia, Eulamellibranchia, Cardiidae, Tridacninae) from Taiwan. Platax 11: 33-52. NSC 99-2321-B-110-006.
5. Su, Y., J.-H. Hung, H. Kubo, L.-L. Liu (2014, May). Tridacna noae (Roding, 1798) – A valid giant clamspecis separated from T.maxima (Roding, 1798) by morphological and genetic data. The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology, 62:143-154. NSC 99-2321-B-110-006. 本人為通訊作者.
6. Jui-Hsin Su, Yu-Cheng Chen, Mohamed El-Shazly, Ying-Chi Du, Chiang-Wen Su, Chia-Wei Tsao, Li-Lian Liu, Yalan Chou, Wen-Been Chang, Yin-Di Su, Michael Y. Chiang, Yao-Tsung Yeh and Mei-Chin Lu (2013, Nov). Towards the Small and the Beautiful: A Small Dibromotyrosine Derivative from Pseudoceratina sp. Sponge Exhibits Potent Apoptotic Effect through Targeting IKK/NFκB Signaling Pathway. Mar. Drugs , 11:3168-3185.
7. Ming-Wei Wu, Pei-Chun Yeh, Hsin-Chang Chen, Li-Lian Liu and Wang-Hsien Ding (2013, May). A Microwave-assisted Headspace Solid-phase Microextraction for Rapid Determination of Synthetic Polycyclic and Nitro- aromatic Musks in Fish Samples. J. Chin. Chem. Soc., 60:1169-1174.
8. Hao-Yen Chang, Sheng-Hai Wu, Kwang-Tsao Shao, Wen-Yuan Kao, Can-Jen W. Maa, Rong-Quen Jan, Li-Lian Liu, Chyng-Shyan Tzeng , Jiang-Shiou Hwang, Hwey-Lian Hsieh, Shuh-Ji Kao, Yu-Kai Chen and Hsing-Juh Lin (2012, Dec). Longitudinal variation in food sources and their use by aquatic fauna along a subtropical river in Taiwan. Freshwater Biology, doi:10.1111/j.1365- 2427.2012.02843.x. (SCI).
9. Pi-Jen Liu, Pei-Jie Meng, Li-Lian Liu, Jih-Terng Wangd Ming-Yih Leu (2012, Oct). Impacts of human activities on coral reef ecosystems of southern Taiwan: A long-term study. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 64:1129-1135. (SCI).
10. Yalan Chou, Jiann Yuh Lou, Chen-Tung Arthur Chen and Li-Lian Liu (2012, Oct). Spatial distribution of sponge spicules in sediments around Taiwan and the Sunda Shelf. Journal of Oceanography, DOI 10.1007/s10872-012-0143-7. (SCI). NSC 98-2621-M-110-006. 本人為通訊作者.
11. Yu-Chia Chang, Shang-Wei Tseng, Li-Lian Liu, Yalan Chou, Yuan-Shing Ho, Mei-Chin Lu and Jui-Hsin Su (2012, Oct). Cytotoxic Sesterterpenoids from a Sponge Hippospongia sp.. Mar. Drugs, 10:987-997. (SCI).
12. Kuo-Hsun Chiu, Chwen-Ru Lin, Hurng-Wern Huang, Jentaie Shiea, Li-Lian Liu (2012, Sep). Toxic effects of two brominated flame retardants BDE-47 and BDE- 183 on the survival and protein expression of the tubificid Monopylephorus limosus. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 84:46-53. (SCI). NSC 99- 2321-B-110-006. 本人為通訊作者.
13. Jui-Hsin Su,* Shang-Wei Tseng, Mei-Chin Lu, Li-Lian Liu, Yalan Chou, and Ping-Jyun Sung (2012, Jul). Cytotoxic C21 and C22 Terpenoid-Derived Metabolites from the Sponge Ircinia sp.. Journal of Natural Products, 74:2005- 2009. (SCI).
14. Wu, Shin-Fang, Li-Lian Liu, Wang-Hsien Ding (2012, Feb). One-step microwave-assisted headspace solid-phase microextraction for the rapid determination of synthetic polycyclic musks in oyster by gas chromatography– mass spectrometry. Food Chemistry, 133:513–517. (SCI).
15. Li-Lian Liu, Jih-Terng Wang, Kuo-Nan Chung, Ming-Yih Leu, Pei-Jie Meng (2011, Dec). Distribution and accumulation of organotin species in seawater, sediments and organisms collected from a Taiwan mariculture area. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 63:535-540. (SCI). 本人為第一作者.
16. Chandrasekaran, V.R.M., S. Periasamy, L.L. Liu, Ming-Yie Liu (2011, Oct). 17β- Estradiol protects against acetaminophen overdose induced acute oxidative hepatic damage and increases the survival rate in mice hepatic damage and increases the survival rate in mice. Steroids, 76:118–124. (SCI).
17. Jingying Wu, Yu-Ting Wu, Min-Ching Li, Yuh-Wen Chiu, Ming-Yie Liu, Li-Lian Liu (2011, Sep). Reproduction and juvenile growth of the invasive apple snails Pomacea canaliculata and Pomacea scalaris (Gastropoda: Ampullariidae) in Taiwan. Zoological Studies, 50(1):61-68. (SCI). NSC 98-2621-M-110-006. 本人 為通訊作者.
18. I-Fu Chung, Yen-Ming Huang, Tsung-Han Lee, Li-Lian Liu (2011, Jul). Reproduction of the Bath Sponge Spongia ceylonensis (Dictyoceratida: Spongiidae) from Peng-hu, Taiwan.. Zoological Studies , 49(5):601-607. (SCI). NSC 96-2621-Z-110-001. 本人為通訊作者.


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