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Division of Marine Chemistry and Geology



Division of Marine Chemistry and Geology

Name Title Research Interests Telephone NO. E-mail
Chen-Tung Arthur Chen

Chair Professor

Marine Chemistry, Marine Pollution, Water Chemistry, Global Change 886-7-5252000#5136
Hui-Ling Lin Professor Paleoceanography, Paleoclimatology 886-7-5252000#5139
Jia-Jang Hung Professor Marine Trace-Element Biogeochemistry, Aquatic Organic-Matter Biogeochemistry, Marine Pollution 886-7-5252000#5137
James T. Liu Professor Coastal Geology, Coastal and Estuarine Processes, Coastal Sediment Dynamics and Transport 886-7-5252000#5134
Chin-Chang Hung Professor Marine Chemistry, Marine Radiochemistry, Marine Organic Chemistry, Marine Environmental Chemistry 886-7-5252000#5141
Kuo-Tung Jiann Associate Professor Marine Chemistry, Estuarine Chemistry, Marine Trace Element Biogeochemistry 886-7-5252000#5160
Yuan-Pin Chang Associate Professor Micropaleontology, Past Global Change Study, Quaternary Research 886-7-5252000#5161
Yu-Shih Lin Assistant Professor Organic geochemistry, biogeochemistry, environmental microbiology 886-7-5252000#5142
Wei-Jen Huang Assistant Professor Marine Chemistry, Carbon cycling and dynamics under climate change, focusing on river-to-ocean interaction, air-ea gas exchanges, coastal biogeochemistry, and ocean acidification. 886-7-5252000#
Yu-Chia Chung Emeritus Professor Oceanpgraphy, Marine Geochemistry, Radiogeochemistry 886-7-5252000#5140
David Der-Duen Sheu Emeritus Professor Geophysics, Geochemistry, Oceanography