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Division of Marine Biology





Division of Marine Biology

Name Title Research Interests Telephone No. E-mail
Li-Lian Liu Professor & Chairman Marine Molluscus Physiology and Ecology, Population Genetics,Organotin Pollution 886-7-5252000#5108
Houng-Yung Chen Professor Crustacean and Fish Nutrition, Plankton Biochemistry and Trophodynamics 886-7-5252000#5105
Yuh-Ling Lee Professor Phytoplankton, New marine productivity, Marine nitrogen fixation, Marine-based Productivity, Aquatic ecology 886-7-5252000#5025
Keryea Soong Professor Benthic Invertebrates, Coral Reef Biology, Population Biology 886-7-5252000#5109
Meng-Hsien Chen Professor Heavy Metal Pollution ,Aquatic Ecotoxicology ,Fish Biology, Zooplanktonology 886-7-5252000#5028
Ching-Nen Nathan Chen Professor Biodiversity of tropical and thermotolerant microalgae, Regulation of lipid and carotenoids biosynthesis in microalgae 886-7-5252000#5106
Te-Yu Liao Associate Professorr Fish Systematics 886-7-5252000#5107
Cheng-Hao Tang Assistant Professorr Aquaculture Physiology, Molecular Physiology in Aquatic Animals, Stress Biology in Aquatic Animals, Environmental/Ecological Physiology  886-7-5252000#5114
Michael Hin-Kiu Mok Emeritus Professor Fish Systematics, Animal Behavior, Bioacoustics 886-7-5252000#5103